How To Write a Perfect Job Description That Will Attract Great Talent

How To Write a Perfect Job Description That Will Attract Great Talent

A job description highlights the skills, abilities, duties, and requirements needed to accomplish a specific Job or a Project. It is a prerequisite when you seek to fill a vacant position in your business or company. Much like a Job description of a traditional employment position, Freelance Jobs also require a Job description in order to describe its requirements fully and attract relevant Freelancers to undertake the Job. I’m todays highly dynamic work environment when trying to find the perfect talent for your Freelance task, it is of paramount importance that you get your Freelance Job description right. Therefore, a well-crafted job posting makes a significant difference in the quality of candidates it will attract. The following guidelines highlight how you can write a compelling job description that will attract the best Freelancers for you.

5 Tips on How To Write a Perfect Job Description

1. Include a creative title for your job posting

Having a good title is the first step to writing a great job description. For instance, in freelance websites, you can choose to develop a creative title containing keywords that exactly show what your job posting is all about. Remember to avoid using technical terms in your title to enhance its readability, unless it is a technical term that is absolutely essential to describe your Job (Eg:- WordPress Developer, React-Native Developer, Data entry operator, French Translator)

2. Be straightforward when defining the job duties

In freelance marketplaces, most people will hardly read lengthy and tedious job descriptions. A freelancer will immediately leave your page upon meeting a long job posting. A study conducted by Indeed indicates that a job description containing 700 to 1000 words will attain 30% more interest from the usual number of candidates. Consider keeping your job description short, concise and make it exciting to read. 

3. Clearly distinguish between the Skills and Competencies needed for the Job

Some online freelance jobs mistake mixing skills and competencies by assuming that the two are the same. Skills are specific abilities attained through formal education or practical training (Eg:- Java developer, Android developer, Graphic Designer). Whereas competencies are specific capabilities one has acquired during his/her career (Eg:- Strategic planning, Business process improvements, Data driven decision making). Therefore, when hiring online, consider having skills and competencies each on its section as both are different. Otherwise, your job description might end up attracting the wrong candidates. 

4. Add a list of benefits attached to your job

Ensure to include additional benefits a freelancer will get that their previous clients didn’t offer when hiring online. This is because candidates need a valid reason as to why they should work for you. For example, consider offering a long term commitment or tasks of a different but related Job up on successful completion of this task. Or even assurance of a testimonial or a highly positive feedback will be a factor to consider.

5. Have a unique suggestion at the end of your job description

Just as a call to action is included in a sales pitch, consider closing your job description with a proposition. This will urge your potential applicants to move ahead further and take the necessary step to apply for the job. Ensure to have a simple process that will not discourage your applicants. An ideal call to action would to request for a brief but specific project plan to complete the task with proper milestones along with a cover letter.


In Freelance market places a compelling job posting will always attract great talent. When hiring, always ensure to have a concise job posting that highlights specifically what you need. Remember to have a great title and a detailed explanation of the job duties. Finally, separate the skills and competencies to make your job description more realistic. Refer to the tips discussed in this article to discover how to write the best job descriptions to attract the perfect candidates for your next Freelance job.       

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