11 Tips on Creating a Perfect Freelance Gig for Your “Data Entry” Skills

11 Tips on Creating a Perfect Freelance Gig for Your Data Entry Skills

Are you a freelance data entry professional and desiring to generate clients? Well! Data entry has the scope in digital marketing, web development etc.

It is a worldwide service where you can do freelancing besides regular jobs. Competition is the biggest challenge in a freelance data entry career.

A lot depend on how you put across your data entry skills in Gig or service form which attracts potentials buyers or clients in particular. The competition in this space could be intense and a lot depends on the quality of your Gig presentation, how well you demonstrate your data entry skills plus your previous work references and not to mention the attractiveness of you pricing with correct packaging.

So, it can discourage taking up freelance data entry. But, not to worry, we have prepared practical 11 tips guide after hours of research and experience.

It will help you build a freelance profile or gig that stands out from the competition. As a result, you will win more clients and projects. Scroll down for more information.

11 Tips guide to create perfect Data entry Gig

1.  Create an Incredible Portfolio (Stand out from the rest)

Creating an engaging and unique portfolio is essential. Make sure you highlight your data entry skills such as:

  1. Proof of Speed of your data entry work
  2. Less or none repeat work
  3. Efficiencies you achieved for the clients
  4. Repeat client contracts for similar data entry work

Moreover, it gives insight about you to clients. For example, you can mention your past data entry work with clients.

Show the ways to make the client’s life relatively easy. Mention your details in such a way that the potential clients should be able to contact you. For example, explain the data entry work details that you would offer. Tell them who you are and what would be the benefits of associating with you.

2.  Offer Multiple Price Options (And tap into different budget ranges)

As a freelancer, it is wise to offer different rates in the competitive market. It leaves a choice to the clients. You can show hourly or word count prices in data entry.

Generally, some freelancers prefer fixed prices and other charges as per hours. We suggest activating both. The experience level also plays a role to charge your data entry services. Different clients have different requirements. Some may need a quick output (eg:-1000 data feeds in one day) and others may have more time. So you can structure your pricing that captures both the amount of content and the speed of delivery.

3.  Offer Different Timelines as per Budgets (It is different from hourly rate)

Time plays a role in setting the rate. For instance, you charge 200$ for 8000 words of data entry. The completion period is two days. If the timeline for the same work is four days, you can charge 100$.

For additional work for a completed project, you charge extra. Usually, freelancers even charge for the revision because of time consumption.

4.  List Different Skills, Including Education & Experience (And increase your credibility)

The skills need to be related to data entry. For example, computer skills, proficient typing skills, time management skills, spelling and grammar skills and more.

With a set of skills in your profile, you can optimize your marketing in data entry freelancing. Include your highest qualification like B.A, B.com etc.

 Mention the years or months of experience, and it will convince the clients to give projects.

Also highlight any data entry software tools you have specialized on such as MS Excel, Google worksheets. If you have specialized programming skills that helps in Data entry highlight them as well.

Also it is highly recommended that you are up to date with all new technologies and trends that are happening in Data entry world as that gives you an edge over your competition.

5.  Insert a Friendly Professional Photo (And grab clients’ attention)

You need a high-resolution profile photo to draw the quick attention of potential clients. In addition, a good profile photo will make the client click your profile out of many proposals.

So, it would help if you smiled and had a suitable decent background in the photo. We recommend hiring a professional photographer for the finest quality. When the clients see that the picture is friendly and engaging, it interests them.

6.  Client Testimonials (Evidence are important)

For instance, your associate clients are satisfied with your data entry work. So, they will mention the positive feedback in your portfolio. Client testimonials are essential to winning the trust of new clients.

If you are a beginner, you can ask your professor, friends or colleagues to post testimonials based on past work. In addition, client feedback is beneficial to overcome competition in the market.

If you have repeat clients for similar data entry work that is a massive advantage. It shows that your data entry work is credible and have impacted the client in a positive way.

7.  Write the Client-centric Cover Letter

An engaging cover letter is essential to hook the potential clients. The first two lines of sentences need to be interesting because clients always pay attention.

Show them examples of your data entry work, including speed and accuracy. It should relate to the client’s project. Provide proof that they could trust you. Cause the client to take any action to hire. Finally, do a professional closing.

8.  Write an Engaging Headline (Short and specific)

Profile headline is describing your profession in the freelancing industry. Your headlines should align with data entry services. For example, data entry operators and data entry professionals.

You need to do keyword research on a freelance website to add in your job title. When the clients search with a particular word, your profile should appear. Therefore, the keyword should be included in your profile description.

9.  Tutorial Video (And become more personal)

Posting tutorial YouTube videos will enable the clients to hear your talk. The tutorial video will be about educating the data entry beginners with tips and skills. It will give a great impression to the clients.

Moreover, it will develop confidence. A tutorial video is not compulsory; you can talk about your services to the clients. However, we recommend you shoot the video for 5 minutes or less.

10.  Ensure their Data privacy (Prove that their data is safe with me)

Data privacy is a massive challenge in today’s world. Many companies that engage data entry workers have doubts on their data privacy. Yet they opt for data entry outsourcing due to cost effectiveness and other practical and business reasons.

You as a Data entry freelancer should assure that clients’ data is well protected with you. You can even provide a template of your NDA (Nondisclosure agreement) as part of your Gig which you are willing to sign with the client prior to undertaking the task.  

11.  Things that make you Unique from Others

Today’s world is quite competitive irrespective of the different fields. So, it would help if you were unique among the competitors. For a particular job, there will be hundreds of proposals.

How will you stand out? You need to mention the data entry skills that other freelancers don’t have. As a rising data entry freelancer, you need to be a fast and intelligent learner. Mention it in your gig or cover letter).

In Summary

Preparing a special data entry freelance gig or profile is vital to winning clients. To overcome competition, you need to work on a cover letter, understand client requirements, profile photos and more.

Positive reviews and ratings of the clients are essential to establish your image. For example, if you want high-paying clients in data entry, your experience will help in convincing the same.

Finally you need to keep your Data entry Gig up to date as market requirements are changing rapidly.


Interviewer_2022 on February 16, 2022

Create a schedule. Establish a regular schedule for yourself to help you meet quotas within your work time. Know roughly how much information you can transcribe in a given amount of time to help you set a realistic schedule and goals for yourself. Including your data entry skills on your resume is a useful way to showcase not only the skills you have, but how specifically those skills can benefit the organization you re applying to. Review the job description to see which specific data entry skills the role requires.

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