Expectations Vs. Realities in Freelancing

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Ever thought of working from home? Freelancing is getting more desirable with time. Commuting to the office for your daily job can be frustrating. On average, a remote worker will spend about 43 hours a week. This is less in comparison to the traditional system. With the spread of the COVID pandemic, a large percentage lost their jobs.

As of 2020, freelance workers constituted 36% of the global workforce. A specialized set of skills is all it takes to get started. Your imaginations will rarely meet the situation in the real world. If you are thinking of venturing into this world, this article is for you.

Below I have given a comparison of five Expectations Vs. Realities in Freelancing

  1. Unlimited Freedom


What a luxurious life freelancing is! You can always work at any time, take a nap as you wish, or even hang out with friends. Well, that’s what most friends and relatives think.


If not cautious, you’re likely to struggle to complete orders from your clients. This can prompt them to cancel contracts. Contrarily, one may end up turning into a workaholic, lacking time to do personal stuff. It’s not as easy as it appears.

  1. Plenty of Freelance work


You can always work any time you wish — after all, you are your own boss. Newbies think that provided they have the relevant skills, there will always be gigs to work on. Earning will be usual. Freelance marketplaces such as Toptal and Upwork enable employers to outsource the best talents at ease. 


Getting freelance work can be hell for many, especially if you are a beginner. How will you convince corporate employers to handle their projects without prior experience? Beginners will always get it hard to find steady, continuous gigs. 

For various reasons, clients are likely to end contracts before time. After successful completion of a project again, finding another task can get hard.   

  1. Less Working Hours-More Free Time


There is a lot of time. Hence, you can do anything you wish, anytime. The profession allows one to work for fewer hours in comparison to the usual 9-5 system. One can draft a suitable schedule to assign more time for personal activities. 


In freelance, only the number of hours worked are billable. Most time is spent sourcing new gigs and managing the existing clients. 

  1. Clients Expectations Vs. The Budget


“I am an expert in web design.” So, other freelancers are charging $50 to design a website. For my quality services, I can’t go below $100


Employers tend to believe a person’s capabilities based on the number of projects completed. Despite the experience, one is likely to struggle in getting work. Even after making some earnings, deductions are all over. 

Platforms will slash 20%, Payment platforms 5%, bank fees 1%, and so on. Even after making $100, you discover you are only left with $70.

  1. Working from home


Sounds great not having to commute to the office. Freelance working will always seem to be luxurious.


Working from home is hard! There are plenty of distractions all over. One might switch on the TV or radio for some background noise. It gets worse when a favorite program airs since all concentration gets drawn towards it. Other distractions include small children, phones, and the kitchen. Friends are also likely to show up.  

In Summary 

Freelancing seems quite appealing. So much ensues in reality. As a new freelancer, you are likely to get distracted. It gets worse when you don’t get paid for work completed. It’s always crucial to watch your schedule. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting many hours, lowering your earnings. You’ll finally discover that your expectations are far from reality. 

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