13 Reasons Why Purchasing Gigs Are Better Than Posting a Job for Your Next Freelance Task

13 Reasons Why Purchasing Gigs Are Better Than Posting a Job for Your Next Freelance Task

Are you thinking of purchasing gigs for your next freelance task? Well, you can always post your job on various freelance marketplaces and wait for people to drop their proposals. But wait, why not consider hiring online through purchasing a gig or a service instead? After all, it’s much faster and better. Purchasing predefined freelance Gigs or services gives multiple benefits. However, I’m aware you might have some doubts about this approach. Consider reading these 13 tips guide to learn why it may be better to purchase a freelance gig rather than posting the job for your next project.

13 Benefits of Purchasing Freelance Gigs over Posting Jobs

1. Fast turnaround (And faster time to market)

By purchasing gigs, buyers can save on time by hiring professional freelancers with a single click. This is contrary to posting jobs whereby they will have to browse through many proposals to identify a suitable candidate for their job.

2. Budget-friendly (And helps your RoI)

Purchasing gigs favors buyers with a limited budget. All they have to do is to browse for freelancers offering services at their desired rate. After identification, they can go ahead and hire online without much negotiation.

3. Package based Gig buying (And compare each side by side)

Often Gigs or services are pre-packaged at different price points. Each package has certain features and a price point, mostly in tabular format where you can compare side by side. Clients can select the set of features matching their affordability. This gives chance for clients of all affordability level to buy Freelance Gigs.

4. Template based selection ability (And visualize your outcome)

Most Freelancers make their Gigs available in template format. Eg:- Articles of 500 word, 750 words, 10 sec Videos, 30 sec videos. Clients are able to choose a template as per their requirements by going through the template library of the Freelancer. This gives them the chance to visualize beforehand the likely final product or service they can expect.

5. Can avoid communication based biases (And avoid deception by Freelancers)

When buying a Gig, 75% of the decision is based on Gig details, available packages, Freelancers portfolio and his previous work references. Only the balance 25% is based on the one-on-one communication with the Freelancer. This leaves very little room for Freelancers to deceive you via their communication style.

6. Faster way of tracking down talent (And faster filtration of candidates)

The presence of surplus talent leaves clients with a lot of outsourcing choices. They can use factors such as reviews and ratings to choose the gig they want to purchase. Generally high performing Gigs tend to appear high on search results or even get featured.

7. Quality freelance work (And avoid repeat work)

Most marketplaces offering the gig-based hiring approach require freelancers to take a skills test. Its main aim is to increase a buyer’s trust, enabling employers to identify individuals with verifiable skills. Only recognized skills tests are used therefore the scoring is highly reliable.

8. Ability to get more quantity of work done (And achieve economies of scale)

As a buyer, getting more work done at a shorter duration is a top priority. Purchasing gigs is effective as it puts more emphasis on the completion of short-term projects. But make sure you do not compromise on quality in the process.

9. It enables accessing a wide range of professions and fields (And expand your talent pool)

Businesses with standard tasks can access talent without problems. It is possible to outsource professionals from vast and unusual fields. In today’s Freelance market there are skilled workers from all different fields of work. With the advent of numerous remote working technologies most types of work are now possible to be accomplished remotely than ever before.

10. Better categorization of talent (And pick the most appropriate talent for your Job)

Platforms such as Fiverr and Projects2Bid categorize their sellers based on their expertise. For instance, freelancers are required to have an extensive professional and educational background. They are required to provide references, certificates, and a portfolio of work. Such classifications simplify an employer’s search.       

11. Uniformity of Freelancer information (And simplify comparison)

Availability of data about the freelancer selling services or Gigs assists a buyer in making an informed decision. Most freelance sites like Fiverr or Projects2Bid have a standard way of displaying Gig data. This makes comparing Gigs easy. Unlike reading many proposals which can have multiple formats, it’s possible to visit a seller’s profile and view their ratings, feedback, and work history and then move to another and compare.

12. Ease of purchasing Gigs (Is it like add to cart and checkout?)

Freelance websites using the purchase-a-gig approach are the easiest to use. Employers can hire online in a few steps. They only need to search key phrases on the search bar, browse available gigs, select the Gig they need to purchase, choose the package and continue to checkout. Simple as that!

13. Able to hire multiple Freelancers (And do A/B testing)

Freelance Gigs are available at different price points, which are generally not so expensive in todays market. With the availability of cheaper Gigs, an employer can order the same gig from multiple Freelancers and carry out an A/B testing to determine the best. For instance, they can hire five online graphic designers for testing and work with the best in the future.

Final Remarks

Getting quality work done in a fast turnaround is a priority for most businesses and companies. Through freelancing platforms, buyers can purchase gigs and forego posting jobs. If you are looking for quality work done at an affordable price, this is the right approach for you. Furthermore, you can be guaranteed to hire fast and get more work done in less time. With all the benefits mentioned above, you might consider purchasing a gig for your next project than making a Job post.                    

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