10 Tips on How To Create Services or Gigs That Match Your Talents

10 Tips on How To Create Services or Gigs That Match Your Talents

Are you wondering how you can create services that match your skills? Marketing yourself in order to win Freelance Gigs in todays context is a tedious task. Most freelance marketplaces require individuals to send countless proposals when sourcing jobs. Many find it hard to land gigs using this approach. However, platforms such as Fiverr and Projects2bid allow sellers to create gigs highlighting the skills and services they offer. Creating an effective gig to match your skills is a challenge to many. However, here’s a 10 step guide to help you learn how to start creating gigs that will match your skills and attract buyers.

10 Tips on Creating a Freelance Gig or service That Matches Your Skills

1.    Have an Attractive Title for Your Freelance Gig (First Impression matters)

Always make sure that your titles are creative, concise, and engaging. Often your Freelance Gig title is the first thing a client could notice. Make sure that your title focuses on the skills and services that you offer. Competition for gigs is always high. Therefore, try to identify your topic, highlight your uniqueness, develop a solution to a buyer’s problem, and finally craft an eye-catchy title.

2.    Use good correct tags and detailed descriptions to show the freelancing services you offer (And enhance your profile strength)

Tags are a great way to perfectly describe the services you offer and the skills you possess. Correct selection of tags helps you appear high up under search results for Gigs or services. Also have a detailed description addressing how you will help the buyer achieve their objectives. Use perfect grammar and easy, simple vocabulary. Avoid technical jargon unless it enhances the clarity of your services as most clients are more concerned about their business objectives than the technical details on achieving it.

3.    Enhance your gig with visual media (And make your Gig eye catching!)

The use of visualizations increases the chances of buyers purchasing your gigs. For example, creating an interesting gig video will enhance your visibility. Showcase yourself in a video as a confident and highly skilled freelance worker. Also, add images of completed projects to enable buyers to gauge your performance. Info graphics, demonstration videos are valuable. Also having a video of you explaining your Freelance services or Gig is a great way to catch client attention and win their trust.

4.    Create an attractive thumbnail (And make it relevant to you skills)

Generally when clients search through Gigs what they see prominently are the Gig thumbnails. A good thumbnail can convince potential buyers that your Gig matches the skills they are looking for. For instance, a client looking forward to hiring an online graphic designer will be impressed by a well-crafted thumbnail.     

5.    Pay attention to your prices (And have multiple price points for Gigs)

Work from home jobs is similar to any other profession. Therefore, always set reasonable prices for your services. Do not set meager prices as your efforts might go unrewarded. Always have packaged pricing, each package targeting different classes of clients. Charging high fees again might discourage buyers from purchasing your gigs. 

6.    Use similar keywords in your Title, Tags, and Descriptions of your Gig (Consistency matters)

To show consistency you need to optimize your gig. Make sure to use similar keywords throughout your gig and description to show how well you understand your niche. To sum up, use popular keywords and search term that buyers use when looking to buy services.   

7.    Add a case study for each online job service you provide (References are important)

Your portfolio should cover all your skills if you have more than a single area of expertise. To illustrate, if you are good at writing blog posts and web copy, show buyers how good you are. Upload several portfolio items showing your expertise in your skills. Each of your skills should be backed up with matching references of previous work. Provide links to reference sites or client reviews. 

8.    Leverage your Freelance work portfolio creatively (And make it comprehensive)

Have a detailed portfolio that is interesting to go through. Consider using words, images, reports, and any other items that will make buyers pay attention to projects you’d love to share with them. You can also add snippets, screenshots, and samples of previously completed projects. Always make them feel that they are in the right Gig for their next Freelance Job.

9.    Do a thorough keyword research (And keep it up to date)

Use SEO enriched keywords in your Gig title and description related to your skills and services. Use keywords that buyers are searching to convince them that you are an expert in a particular niche. Often the use of right keywords helps your Gig profile appear in search engine results.

10.  Take a recognized Freelancing skills test (And display your grades)

Taking a recognized skills test will help you gauge the proficiency of your expertise and increase your Gig profile value. Having a good score will make buyers trust you more as they’ll feel that your profile matches your skills and you are indeed an expert in your field.

Wrapping Up

A well-crafted gig plays a significant role in capturing the attention of potential clients looking for Freelancers. After all, it’s an opportunity to show clients your expertise and talents. A perfectly-created Gig will have a self-explanatory title. It will also have a clear and detailed description written in simple vocabulary avoiding technical jargon. Finally, do not forget to include enticing visualizations highlighting your expertise to increase your visibility on freelance websites.  Good luck in creating your next Freelancing Gigs!

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