10 Tips on Creating a Perfect Gig for Your “Digital Marketing” Skills

10 Tips on Creating a Perfect Gig for Your “Digital Marketing” Skills

Field of Digital marketing is ever changing. Nothing is permanent in this digital world. You notice new things emerging every day. Perfecting your Digital marketing Gig is always a challenging task. So, the time demands to polish your Digital marketing skills and learn new strategies if you want to rank on the top as a freelancer. 

Do you agree with this statement? I am 100% sure you agree. Let’s help each other to enable ourselves to fight this challenging environment in the field of Digital Marketing.  

I have 10 tips to share with you that are effective to create a perfect gig for your digital marketing skill. You must know how to apply these strategic tips to get positive results. Let me explain each in detail. 

10 Tips to create your Digital marketing Gig a perfect one

1.    Select an Attractive and correct Title (In fact you are a Digital Marketing specialist)

As you know the first impression is the last. Start by taking the right step from the very beginning. Choose an impressive and right title describing your Digital marketing skills to your buyers. Be short but strong in your title. The first impression should catch the attention of buyers looking for Digital marketing services.

  • Some examples of catchy Digital Marketing Gig titles are:
  • We take care of every Digital Marketing needs
  • Let us do your Digital Marketing
  • Experts in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing experts – Our results speak for our selves

Be focused and use expressive language in your title. 

2.    Select an eye catching mage for your Gig (And grab the attention of your buyers) 

The image plays a vital role next to the title that grabs your reader’s attention. Create a striking image for your Digital marketing gig because a friendly image presents you as more approachable to your clients. In fact when clients search for Digital marketing freelancers they tend to judge by the way freelancers have presented themselves through their Gig.  

3.    Use effective Search Tags and Descriptions (And update them often)

This tip is profitable for everyone. Even for those who are unable to write good descriptions or are weak in writing good descriptions. Your description and gig tags should be magnificent and easy to understand.

First you need to do a research on the best tags and descriptions for Digital marketing Gigs. You can do so by going through the tags and descriptions of top-ranked Digital marketing gigs. Then follow the ways they are using to create their gigs.   

4.    Use of Top-Ranking Keywords (And do a keyword research)

You must use top-ranking keywords to make you a top-selling digital marketing freelancer. SEO researched keywords play a significant role to make your gig stand out.

First you should do a keyword research on Digital Marketing and identify the most searched and popular keywords in Digital marketing field. The right choice of keywords makes it easier for buyers to filter your gig.  

Do use top-ranking popular keywords in the title, tags, description, and URL and see the fruitful results of your powerful gig. For this purpose, there are some certain websites that you can use. This tip will be a major help to beginners to rank higher as a digital marketer.  

5.    Provide multiple gig packages (And give your buyers a choice)

Do not rely on one package for your Digital marketing gig. Try using three packages that will provide your buyers more options.

In digital marketing depending on the clients’ requirements the budget and reach they expect differ. Make your gig responsive by creating a basic, standard, and luxury package. Buyers who are in the early phases of marketing may not have a higher marketing budget. A basic affordable package with initial exposure might suite them.

Include distinct levels of service, options, and rates. Each package should be clear and straightforward. Your clients will better approach you when they are aware of what they are getting exactly. 

6.    Provide a comparison chart (Clients prefer visual representations more)

When it comes to digital marketing gigs there are different parameters you need to play with.


  • Number of channels vs budget spent
  • Dollars per day
  • Number of A/B testing
  • Amount of alterations based on results
  • Number of keywords used for PPC campaign
  • Target audiences set in both search and social media campaigns

It is always a good idea to present them in a tabular format and to mark the extent of coverage under each package. Clients looking for Digital marketing gigs can easily compare among your packages and choose the right one. Also this avoids any later disputes as both you as the freelancer and the client know exactly the deliverables of what is purchased.

7.    Provide good performance monitoring methods (Clients need to see results) 

Clients looking for Digital marketing Gigs want results. It is ideal if you provide them means of checking results by themselves. It proves that their dollars spent are in fact at work.

Below are few tools you can include as part of monitoring methods you provide:

  • Google analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Reports from various commercial SEO tools (eg:- Moz, Ahref, SemRush, UberSuggest)
  • Clients own platform specific reporting methods (eg:- If client has a wordpress platform then you can suggest any good plugin to monitor results, If it is a Magento or Moodle platform you can still suggest any relevant plugins or 3rd party tools to use). You can even go and extra mile and develop your own plugins for those platforms.

8.    Have an FAQs Section in the Gig

This part of the gig never gets much attention but it can cast far-fetched effects. Create some frequently asked questions by keeping in mind what your buyers would want to know in digital marketing space and then create answers for them. Below are few sample questions you can include:

  • How long does Digital marketing take to effect?
  • How to choose among various digital marketing channels?
  • How to maximize RoI in your digital marketing campaign?
  • How can I compare different packages?
  • Are your campaign results proven?

This activity will show that you understand their requirements and can deliver as per their needs.  

9.    Create a Descriptive Video of yourself (And give the Gig a personal touch)

Adding videos to your marketing gig gives it added significance. It should be a video of yourself explain how you will ensure clients’ digital marketing needs are met in the best possible way.

A video develops trust and connection between you and your client and increases engagement by up to 40%. Follow these simple steps to make the video right for the need:

  • Start with an introduction of yourself and thanking the person watching it.
  • Describe your experience, expertise, and talent.
  • Explain common pitfalls in digital marketing field and possible reasons why the current marketing campaigns of the client are not performing well.
  • Explain how you can help them improve their conversions.
  • Lastly, finish by asking them to make an order. 

Use certain allowed URLs in your digital marketing gig. It is a major source to display your capabilities through your portfolio, customer reviews and testimonials.

You can include below sources as portfolio links:

  • Your LinkedIn profile which displays your previous digital marketing campaigns and client feedback
  • Your Youtube channel where you can showcase the campaigns you have undertaken before
  • Your Facebook business page where you can publish your previous work and references and client comments
  • You can also include direct references to client profiles or their business pages for which you have undertaken digital marketing campaigns

In Summary

Digital marketing is a challenging field. As a freelancer in providing digital marketing services you need to stay up to date with latest happenings in this field.  Your success strongly depends on how you present yourself through your freelancing gig in various freelance market places.

Follow the above 10 tips and achieve you success in your digital marketing freelancing career.

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