10 Success Strategies or Tips of Finding Digital Marketing Jobs

10 Success Strategies or Tips of Finding Digital Marketing Freelance Jobs

By the passage of time, the world has shifted to digital media at a large scale. Regarding this revolutionary change, did you ever think of becoming your boss?

Becoming a Freelance marketing specialist gives you multiple advantages including expanding your marketing knowledge, exposure to different industries, making new connections, growing your network, and highlighting your creativity.

Are you considering excelling your career as a Freelance Digital Marketer? What about considering the below 10 success tips of finding digital marketing jobs?

After the 2020 pandemic, most of the workers have turned to freelancing or working from home and due to this surge; most of them are facing trouble finding jobs. Getting Freelance Digital marketing works requires you to selectively pick matching jobs and effectively apply for them and do a regular follow up with the prospective clients. So, let’s discuss below some powerful tips to win digital marketing jobs as a freelancer.

10 success tips of finding digital marketing jobs

  1. Find out the Digital marketing skills demanded by clients (clients’ requirements comes first)

Following your strategic plan towards getting a Digital marketing job, you should be clear about your niche. That is the skills which are demanded by the market. SEO (Search engine optimizing), SMM (Social media marketing), PPC (Pay per click) Advertising, Email Marketing are some of the skills demanded these days.

By discovering your skills, talents, interests and previous experiences, you will find distinct types of marketer categories that you are good at. Then you should polish yourself to match with clients’ demands and requirements.

  1. Study the competitors’ profiles (And try to differentiate your self)

Analyze your competitor Digital marketers’ profiles to get a deep insight on the points they are displaying. Highlight your specification and try to emphasize on your uniqueness to sell yourself better and attract attention. Studying others’ profiles may help you a lot to create a long-lasting impact and seal the job for you.

  1. Create an impressive profile (Your profile speaks for your self)

Follow below tips to organize an impressive profile around your digital marketing skills.

  • Upload a high-quality decent professional photo without any Snapchat filter.
  • To grab the client’s attention, you must have a clear headline. A headline that explains exactly what you offer as a Digital marketer to grab the attention of the right clients easily.
  • Provide an engaging summary of your digital marketing expertise explaining your services and the types of work you can do, such as SEO, SMM, PPC or Email marketing while emphasizing the reasons why someone should hire you.
  • If you want to attract clients as a freelance digital marketer, you must have a portfolio to display.
  • Display your previous experience in your professional career that relates to online marketing. Clearly classify different aspects of Digital Marketing that are covered under each previous reference and the success or growth rate you were able to achieve.
  • Do tag your skills so that your valuable clients may easily find you. Use appropriate tags such as #Freelance #DigitalMarketing #SEO #SMM and #PPC
  1. Do a client research (And personalize your approach)

This is the most ignored step but requires the utmost attention. Always do a quick search about the client who has posted the Digital marketing Job. Try to find out what the company is about who and how they are marketing to, the mission statement, the products, and services. Try to find out their current marketing strategies and why they are not working. This will clearly give you a head start in your digital marketing strategies for this client. Also it helps to win the confidence of the client as you have done a prior research about them and clearly knows what the fault is and what needs to be done differently.

  1. Be flexible in your rates (Think long term)

Your flexibility in rates more often helps to win jobs, especially at the beginning. It does not mean that you are undervaluing yourself but mold yourself according to the need of the hour. Digital Marketing tasks are such that the scope is somewhat vague in nature and the outcomes cannot be exactly predicted. Success of a digital marketing campaign depends on several variables and significant trial and errors. Try to prove your results and win the clients attention so he would want to retain you even if you gradually raise the rates as work progresses.

  1. Strictly meet the deadlines (And demonstrate your professionalism)

Be realistic in setting timelines especially for Digital marketing campaigns as timing of outcomes cannot be determined precisely. Discuss the facts with the client in an open manner and set realistic milestones which relate to completion of specific and measurable tasks, such as:

  • Carryout an on-site audit
  • Make on-site changes to optimize for SEO
  • Start a Facebook campaign
  • Start a PPC campaign
  • Complete 2 articles for the blog
  • Carryout 1 press release

Most of the companies prefer to work with freelancers who deliver on time rather than a brilliant but late person. Meeting deadlines always shows that you value your client’s time.

  1. Write an influential cover letter (First impression matters a lot)

You can write an awesome job-winning cover letter by taking care of these simple steps.

  • Do not use the words like sir/madam, instead address the person directly you are dealing with. This shows that you have studied the client.
  • Show that you have done a background study of the clients marketing requirement, identified their existing marketing strategies and their weaknesses, why aren’t those strategies performing
  • Guide your client about digital marketing in general and provide them your game plan as an honest strategist. Try to relate to clients existing marketing techniques and demonstrate how your techniques are different and why they will perform. Try to furnish some specific examples too.
  • Offer to discuss on-call can also be extremely helpful. It works if you can contact them on the phone.
  • As a bonus, you should try to do a quick demonstration video. The video should be in info graphic format which clearly explains why the clients current digital marketing strategies are not working and what changes you will bring in and how it will impact overall. Most freelancers never pay attention to it but this tip will help you set yourself apart from the other freelancers.
  1. Be timely in your replies (Clients want immediate responses)

Always be responsive to your client. Never hesitate to check on the status of your proposal. That shows your clients that you are serious about your work but a word of caution that sending too many messages can create an awkward impact.

  1. Join social media groups related to digital marketing (Community exposure is vital)

One of the most working job-winning tips is to join social media groups that are related to digital marketing. Simply search Facebook groups, observe the group culture, and join the relevant ones to avail the opportunities provided by the clients there. In additional learning the latest on Digital marketing, you will get hand full of tips and tricks on how to win Digital Marketing Jobs on Freelance work market places.

  1. Try and try again (A failure is a recipe for success)

The most effective way is to stay firm, have faith, and keep trying. The decline from one job does not mean that you are not capable. Do not be disheartened, just keep trying.

In Summary

Digital Marketing is an extremely dynamic field. It is of paramount important that you stay abreast of what’s happening in Digital marketing sphere. Try to adapt above discussed 10 tips in winning your next Freelance Digital Marketing Job. Let’s get started freelancing today!

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