10 Guides in Finding Perfect Talent or Skills for your Next Digital Marketing Job

10 Guides in Finding Perfect Talent or Skill for your Next Digital Marketing Job

We usually confuse talent with skill in search of good digital marketers. In this challenging environment, you must understand what skills you need for your marketing work. Talent is instinctive though skills are something we learn. So, the best way to find a perfect match for your digital marketing job should be based on skills rather than talent. Finding perfect talent for you Digital Marketing Job could be a tedious task in this dynamic environment.

Why not base your search on the following 10 guidelines for your project to be done so that you can overcome any challenges you may face.

10 Tips success Tips on finding best talent for your Digital Marketing Job

  1. Study the Marketing Skills You Need (Marketing skills are vast nowadays)

A prior study of the digital marketing skills you need can be much more beneficial for your business. Once you filter out the skills it would be far easier to find the best digital marketer for your Job. Start making strategies to explore the freelancer who can meet your marketing goals.

  1. Write a matching Job Description for your Digital marketing Job (It helps both you and applicants)

Write job descriptions very sensibly. Focus on the specific marketing skill you need instead of degrees, experience, and knowledge. Explain the problems you have, your existing marketing strategies and the solutions you are looking for. Describe what you need exactly rather than looking for list of criteria.

  1. Pick the right Job Categories (If you are unsure then go back to step-1)

When it comes to digital marketing there are various categories and subcategories to choose from. SEO, SMM, PPC, Email marketing, Press releases are a broader set of categories. Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Pintrest marketing, Display ads, Search Ads or even partner display networks are subcategories under each main categories.

When selecting the categories for your Job it’s always better to set the categories to main categories so that Freelancers having expertise in a wider area of skills are likely to apply for it.

Also if you need to market to a specific geographical area then country specific skills are valuable as well. Select relevant categories that will filter out skills specific to that geography.

  1. Make Reasonable Offers for your Task (Respect the experience)

To attract skilled workers, you must make a reasonable offer. Pricing of digital marketing tasks vary drastically due to its very nature. Properly marketing a product or service requires a high degree of tacit knowledge which is not easy to measure.

Pricing should match the skills you need. Low pricing can affect the goals you want to meet because a skilled seller will never compromise on low rates. The majority of the job seekers do not wish for the salary only rather they want to learn, too. Thus, provide some profitable opportunities to the sellers for which they should be interested. Long term commitments, Exposure to new and emerging markets, exposure to new technologies are few areas you can stress on when negotiating the offer.

  1. Do a Proper Job Post (First impression matters)

You should be able to create a proper job post for your digital marketing task. For this purpose, consider the strategies according to your targeted sellers. Share information very clearly. For example, job resources, qualifications, and previous job experience. Explain your business objectives, your current marketing strategies, current take up, why have they been failing and finally your specific and measurable targets. Explain what is essential for you. Make sure your job posting strategy is not just a waste of time.

  1. Classify Applicants properly (And optimize the RoI)

Search through all the applicants and their proposals. Through this research, you could be able to classify them into distinct categories. Consider below variables when classifying them:

  1. Their skill level relevant to digital marketing
  2. Previous experience of similar campaigns and their success rate
  3. Duration of previous campaigns (Generally higher the marketing campaign duration higher the trust the previous client have had on the marketer)
  4. Budget spending on previous campaigns (Generally higher the marketing budget spending by previous companies higher the trust they have placed on this marketer or higher the results they have achieved via the campaign)
  5. Effectiveness of the solution they have proposed for your specific marketing task
  6. Reviews and references
  7. Proposed Budget

Rank them as high, low, or whatever way you want to categorize them. Check if they have understood your requirements. Through this exercise you will be able to filter out candidates that offer the best return on investment (RoI) for your Freelance marketing Job. If not, then it would take you a lot of time to select the right one.

  1. Effectively Interview candidates (Have the questionnaire ready)

Try making a beneficial interviewing procedure. Have a list of questions to ask during the interview. A typical list of interview questions suitable for Digital marketing tasks could be:

  1. Have you identified our existing marketing strategy?
  2. What issues do you see in it?
  3. Have you tackled similar campaigns before?
  4. Could you highlight success rates of few similar campaigns you have undertaken before?
  5. How up to date are you in changes in digital marketing?
  6. How long do you think is need for your marketing strategy to take effect or start showing results?
  7. Do you have any contingency plans if your marketing strategies won’t work?

You can get more positive and realistic results by composing a structured interviewing plan as above than ad-hoc questioning. It also helps the Freelancer to provide better and well organized answers to your marketing problem.

  1. Maintain Your Reputation (Be Bold)

Hiring the best digital marketer would not be easy if you lack a good reputation. Researches have proved that job seekers would hesitate to work with clients of company having a bad reputation. Once you maintain your prestige through positive feedback and reviews highly, skilled job seekers would approach you.

  1. Evaluate Portfolios (References matter a lot)

Considering portfolios of your applicants is one of the most effective ways to find appropriate talent for your digital marketing job. Look for the websites where your job seekers’ work is displayed, so you can get a better approach before reaching out to a perfect one. Evaluate the previous digital marketing campaigns they have undertaken, for how long they have been running and how have they affected the bottom lines of the companies. Using this time-saving tip, you would be able to hire your required skill without providing any chance to your competitors. 

  1. Stay updated with your Job posting (Digital marketing landscape changes every hour!)

Always keep your job postings updated with industry standards and stick to your business goals. Always give a brief on your current marketing practices, their outcomes, failures in marketing, company objectives and target timelines. That would allow job seekers to understand easily what you want from them.

In Summary

Digital marketing is dynamic field. Not only the types of areas in it are vast, measuring success of a digital marketing campaign is not straight forward as well. No skilled digital marketer can exactly predict the outcome of any campaign or how long a campaign would take to show results. Therefore as a client or a company, in selecting the perfect digital marketer for your task requires considering various aspects.

Hopefully, these prestigious tips will provide you the best way to successfully find skilled digital marketers to grow faster in the future.

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