10 Guides in Finding Perfect Talent for Your Next Software Development Job

Employers trying to find matching talent for their next Software Development Job

Are you looking to find and hire the best Freelance software developer for your next software development job? Check out these 10 tips before you start searching!

It could be hard to find the right software developers to hire for your next Freelance software development job among the thousands of available individuals, isn’t it? Indeed, the hiring challenge is real, especially with the number of requirements usually accompanying the job. Also in todays market there are numerous software development technologies and their branches. Freelancers skills and competencies vary significantly. Finding a Software developer exactly for your own requirement could be tedious task.

On top of that, you aren’t the only one searching for the top talent for the job either, which further makes the competition fierce altogether. So, how can you stand out in front of software developers so that you only attract the most talented ones?

We have the 10 guiding points to help you recruit top-notch tech talent. Let’s get into them!

10 guiding points to help you recruit top-notch tech talent for your Freelance Software Development Job

1. Write Job Adverts Like They’re Products (And make Freelancers buy you!)

To attract the very best software developer Freelancers, it’s best to avoid “standard” job posting structures that just consist of a short description of your task followed by a list of features, timelines, and budget estimates. Instead, put your candidates’ needs first and showcase what you have to offer, such as what the candidate could get out of the project such as exposure to latest technologies, gain insights in to different businesses or industries, gain knowledge on marketing.

Did you know that 52% of software developers choose clients that offer professional development over the pay? Some prefer long term commitments, professional reviews or testimonials over pay as well. That’s something to factor in while you write your job ad.

2. Make Your Job Ad Eye Catching (It’s all about first Impression)

Closely related to the previous point, avoid formatting job ads in a “dull” way. Rather than opting for regular text ads, go for comic strips, infographics, geeky punchlines, and videos in your jobs ads. Include references to external materials and make it lively instead of a plain text job posting. In fact, that’s what software developers want to see.

3. Choose the Right Job Posting Websites (Higher the engagement higher the amount of proposals you receive)

While there’s nothing wrong with posting your job on job boards, most skilled Freelance software developers can be found on specialized websites, like GitHub, AngelList, Stack Overflow, Reddit, LinkedIn, Upwork, Projects2bid and similar. Start there!

4. Attend Tech Events (And stay up to date with changes in tech world)

If you’re looking for a crowd of talented Freelance software developers, don’t look further than tech events and conferences. In addition, hackathons, coding workshops, boot camps, and similar activities are a great places to start when it comes to securing highly skilled software developers!

5. Consider Your Inner Circle (Referrals are trustworthy)

With the importance of software development jobs, you need to hire a software developer you can trust to execute the job adequately. That’s why most clients prefer to start looking from within. For instance, if you already know reputed Freelancers of another field, seek their recommendations. You can also ask your network of colleagues!

6. Revamp Your Careers Page (Candidates love fresh postings)

After you attract a couple of software developers, you’ll need to close the deal by closing the project or making it private. Usually, candidates head to your jobs page right after they start considering you as a future employer. Not to mention, some even visit the page straight after they come across your job posting. Therefore make sure any you remove old job postings or update them with your latest requirements so that any referrals you receive are up to date and relevant. That’s your chance to stand out from the crowd, so leverage it and make it appealing!

7.  Make Use of Assessments (There are no alternatives to practical assessments)

Once you’ve shortlisted some candidates and want to start filtering them, consider using skill-based coding assessments to ensure that you’re hiring the software developer. Today, many platforms enable you to create these assessments by just providing the job description, required skills, required competencies and target timeframes.

8. Consider Headhunting (And funnel your Job to right candidates)

Instead of going for the typical way of posting a job and waiting for applicants, you can go the extra mile of sending potential candidates direct messages through platforms like LinkedIn or inviting them to your job on platforms like Upwork and Projects2bid. Not only will that make your candidates feel special, but it’ll also save you time.

9. Provide Timely Feedback (And show that you admire their work)

Since the competition is fierce in the job market, highly skilled candidates won’t wait for you to return to them if you take forever to do so. Therefore, it’s vital to provide timely feedback to candidates you’re considering hiring and create a positive employer brand during the entire hiring process. Also, accelerate your time-to-hire!

10. Mention the Budget Range (It could just break the ice!)

Software developers always appreciate transparency in their hiring process. That transparency includes providing upfront details about the budget details of your job including milestone wise break up of payments, especially that it’s become an industry-standard nowadays. Don’t keep it until the last minute!

In Conclusion

With everyone nowadays looking to hire Freelance software development teams for their businesses, hiring a talented software developer is far from easy, thanks to the increasing demand. Therefore, your job offering needs to stand out and speak to the skilled Freelance developers you’re looking to hire rather than generic job ads because they just won’t do it.

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