How to Purchase or Buy pre-specified Skills or Gigs of qualified and verified Freelancers

Learn how to Purchase or Buy pre-specified Skills or Gigs of qualified and verified Freelancers

When to Buy Freelance Gigs over posting a Job?

  1. Is your task well defined and outcome is easily testable? Then buying a Gig is the choice
  2. Are you having a tight budget? Then buying a Gig may be feasible than posting a Project
  3. Are you having a tight time schedule and go to market is critical? Then purchasing a predefined Gig or a Service is the way to go
  4. Is quality and customizability not critical in your task and budget and timeliness are more important? Then going for a Freelance Gig or service will be better
  5. Have you purchased similar Gigs before with positive results? Then choosing similar Gigs over posting a project will be better
  6. Is your internal team not technically sound enough to explain and discuss project requirements with a Freelancer and only able to judge by easing the final outcome? Then Predefined Freelance Gigs or Services is the way forward
  7. Purchasing Gigs over Posting Freelance Jobs have numerous benefits under certain circumstances. Your decision for a Gig over posting a task should be weighed considering all different parameters.

How to ask the right questions from Freelancers before considering purchasing a Gig? (80% of Freelancer filtration  done during initial conversations)

  1. Pick the right set of questions specific to your industry or the task you are looking to hire for. Eg:- A questionnaire for Digital marketing could be vastly different from that of a software development
  2. Be a good listener.
  3. Do not argue.
  4. Always refer the information provided by the Freelancer in the Gig.

How to check the necessary skills needed for your task? (And their scores)

  1. Each industry is different and will require different set of skills to perform well. You should check for it before purchasing the Gig
  2. Non technical Gigs such as Arts designing, Graphics designing, 3D modeling, 2D/3D animations requires freelancers to have quite a lot of previous experience. Therefore check for availability of references to past art works.
  3. Writing and Language works such as Data Entry, English Translations, French Translations, Copy writing requires freelancers to prove their skills in terms of writing speed tests, words per minute, Language proficiency tests. Check if such scores are included in the Gig before finalizing the freelancer

How to select the right package from the list of Gig packages of the Freelancer? (Your package selection is directly linked to your success)

  1. Have a Clear understanding of your requirements.
  2. Always evaluate the Return on Investment (RoI).
  3. Always refer the samples or previous work under each package.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask more questions from the Freelancer to clarify package deliverables further.
  5. In addition to price point, evaluate the delivery timelines of each package.

When templates are available, how to choose the right template for your specific purpose? (And not to deviate from what you desire)

  1. Make sure you go through each template completely.
  2. Clarify with the Freelance which parts of the templates are customizable and to what extent.
  3. If you have an internal team who will be utilizing the final output, then get their views.
  4. Be clear on number of revisions are allowed.

How to correctly provide the prerequisite information to the Freelancer? (This is what drives and directs the Job delivery)

  1. Before committing on a package with the Freelancer, ask for the prerequisites and further information needed once contract is started.
  2. Make sure you pre-prepare beforehand the information and other details needed to start the project. Any delays in providing such information could affect the project deliverables.
  3. Always clarify with the Freelancer if you have any doubts on any of the prerequisites of the project. This could avoid tension between you and the Freelancer and also avoid any unnecessary cost increases.

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