10 Things to Check Before Buying a Freelance “Data Entry” Gig

10 Things to Check Before Buying a Data Entry Gig

Want to hire the best data entry freelancers for business growth? It can be digital marketing, website or other areas. Many freelancers can fool you by adding fake data for marketing. It’s a horrible disadvantage of an online platform since after all there is no way to meet in person face-to-face then! So what should one consider before buying a Data entry gig or service?

You need just that kind of help and our team has done hours’ worth of research on this topic so here are 10 guides for your search on the best and most reliable data entry Gig:

10 Guides before buying a Data Entry Gig

1.  Determine your Project Needs (And align with your business goals)

A data entry hiring process is an elaborate and complicated one. To find the ideal freelancer, you need to do a lot of things in advance including estimating quantity and quality needed for your project before actually getting down to interviewing people.

In addition, it would be helpful if you created a checklist beforehand so that nothing falls through the cracks when looking at potential candidates who can work on this kind of job.

2.  Look for the Ratings and Reviews (And compare among Freelancers)

Nowadays, reviews and ratings are extremely important in determining the quality of an item or service. For example, if you’re buying something on Amazon and see that most of the people who bought it have given positive reviews about its effectiveness then you will be more willing to buy it as well.

Likewise when hiring a data entry freelancer with good review scores from previous clients can help guide your decision making process so make sure not only rely upon one but read through several before finalizing someone for hire.

3.  Focus and Understand Freelancer’s Portfolios

Portfolio is the presentation of past projects with other clients that is especially useful for checking out someone’s skills and establishing trust between both parties involved in hiring them.

Especially if the freelancer has past experience in similar Data entry projects you are looking to hire. Also how successfully Freelancer has been and whether any repeat purchases by past clients on similar Data entry Gigs.

Instead of being in a hurry to hire someone right away as soon as you see their profile/portfolio online, take some time to look at what they have done before so you know how experience will benefit your current project instead of just seeing random names associated with different profiles without actually knowing anything about who these people are and whether they’ll fit well into your business needs…or not!

4.  The Way of Communication (And the professionalism)

Communicating well with your data entry freelancer can make a huge difference. Not only will you better understand the project, but there also won’t be any confusion between the two of you! It’s important to remember that if they spend an extended amount of time responding – it means they aren’t taking this seriously and don’t value working for their clients. Clarity is especially key in communication when dealing with projects like these because all parties need to have clarity on exactly what needs done.

5.  The Questions Asked by a Freelancer before Hiring (And are they the Right questions?)

Being proactive is one of the most uncommon traits in any individual. At the time of the hiring process, you need to know whether they understand the broad picture of your data entry project.

The effective way is to ask relevant questions? If a data entry freelancer doesn’t ask any question before buying the Gig you should not proceed but reject. It shows that they are not interested or serious about working with you. And also shows that their past experience on similar Data entry work is less or not very comprehensive.

6.  Shortlist Multiple Freelancers (And compare among them)

The primary objective of any client or employer is to purchase the best data entry Gig from freelancers at the lowest rate. Once you come across several matching Data entry gigs, have a list of them and try to shortlist few. Then ask them a set of questions and evaluate their responses.

Moreover, you have many options for shortlisting. You can use effective strategies to draw the attention of potential freelancers. Hire the best freelancers at a reasonable rate, promising them a hike if your business goes well.

7.  Understand their Attitude (And their level of Motivation)

It would help if you found out that the data entry freelancer enjoys the work or not. It is a vital factor in the profession that can have an impact on their performance and your outcome.

You need to ask about their experience related to data entry.  Ask about the challenging situations that they have gone through during their entire career of freelancing. The purpose is to understand whether the attitude is negative or positive. If the Freelancer has a positive attitude that is a good signal that his output will be of good quality.

8.  Look out for Price Negotiation

At the time of negotiation, you need to set a budget for the project. Before mentioning your data entry project rate, you can ask them their current rate.

Most data entry Gigs will have prepackaged pricing. Once you go through the pricing, you need to negotiate with them. If the data entry freelancer is not knowledgeable on the standard rates then they may agree on below average prices. This may not be good sign for your business. So, always pay a freelancer as per their quality and worth.

9.  Are they willing to give enough Time?

Even the quickest data entry freelancers have a lot of work for the entire day. If they are excellent in data entry, their hours will fill up due to high demand.

Ensure that the freelancers that you hire have enough time for your task. They will let you know if they can fit within your schedule now or in the future.

Most Gigs will have a delivery days or hours. Always ensure you cross check this with the freelancer before buying the data entry Gig.

10.  Check for Data privacy protection

You are buying a Data entry Gig for your own or company’s data. A 3rd party freelancer will be in charge of it once you buy the Gig. Therefore data protection or privacy will be a critical aspect you need to discuss with the freelancer before hiring.

Ask for an NDA signing or whether Freelancer has any other measures available to ensure privacy of your data

11.  Meeting the Deadline

Meeting the deadline along with the quality is quite essential. So, it would help if you asked whether they can complete the project on time. For instance, you have hired data entry freelancers.

They become busy with other projects and clients. Before assigning a project, discuss and mention the completion date in an email or in the online chat. Ensure that the data entry freelancer is efficient enough to meet the project deadline.

Bottom Line

When looking to buy a freelancing Gig for a Data Entry task, it is important to go through multiple Gigs, shortlist them and communicate with the shortlisted candidates. The best way of doing this is by asking questions about their experience and confidence levels.

Reviews can be helpful when determining quality as well; make sure you look at both reviews and ratings before hiring someone! It’s also vital that the candidate matches your expectations in terms of price and delivery timelines (you wouldn’t want an inexperienced person working on low rates!).

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