How to find Great Talent for your work by Posting your Jobs and receiving targeted proposals

Learn how to find Great Talent for your work by Posting your Jobs and receiving targeted proposals

How to properly submit a Job or Project? (80% of your requirements are in your Job submission)

  1. Make sure all aspects of requirements are covered in the proposal. It avoids unnecessary price changes during discussion phases.
  2. It is always beneficial if the project requirements are drafted by a person with both business and technical skills.
  3. Where ever possible use graphical illustrations, Diagrams, Videos, slideshows and external references.
  4. In certain fields such as 3D animations, Graphic designing and other creative work, requesting references of previous work samples is a must

How to identify the right talent for your project? (50% of Jobs fail due to incorrect or mismatching talents)

  1. Always look for past experience and reviews.
  2. Always ask few critical questions and make sure you keep the questions prepared before hand.
  3. Have a clear understanding on the skills needed to complete your Job properly and structure your proposal accordingly. Skills for Software Development Works contrast drastically for those required by Digital marketing Tasks
  4. Make sure you request for necessary skills tests, certifications and assessments related to the area of your Job. Freelance jobs such as Data Entry, Copy writing, Translations, Proof reading requires certain skill levels such as typing speed, reading speed, words per minute, vocabulary and grammar skills, plagiarism levels. Always request for scores from recognized online tests for such parameters which helps you identify matching freelancers easily.
  5. Always interview 4-5 potential Freelancers so that you can get a quick insight of how your project looks like in the eyes of Freelancers. So that you can quickly customize your conversations with rest of the Freelancers.
  6. It’s always good to first do a self-study on the project and the technologies involved so that you can get a head start on the project deliverables are associated technologies, which will enable you to have a fruitful conversation with potential Freelancers.

How to interview your prospective Freelancers right? (50% of your hiring decision is based on interview outcome)

  1. Make sure to first keep a list of key questions to ask. This avoids any possible gaps in the clarifications process.
  2. Use polite and decent language. This helps to build a strong relationship with the Freelancer. He may go the extra mile to complete your tasks.
  3. Be a good listener. Always be prepared to first listen to the explanations or clarifications the freelancer provides, then provide your feedback, so that your feedback is always relevant to the on going conversation. Also it demonstrates your level of professionalism.
  4. Where the freelancer is in doubt or needs more time, always be prepared to provide some time to get back. This will ensure no forced decisions are being taken by the prospective freelancers, which could jeopardize the final output.

How to structure your project milestones right? (There is a 70% correlation between Job milestone plan and business and marketing plans)

  1. Always be realistic in setting the milestones.
  2. Breakdown your deliverables such a way that ideally suits your business requirements.
  3. Always advance critical features or sub-product items where go to market is critical or those need to be validated fast.
  4. Always advance dependency items to earlier stage of projects so any strategic changes or scope alterations that may happen, can be easily accounted for at subsequent milestones.
  5. Be realistic and be prepared to justify the budget percentages attached to each milestone.
  6. Always make sure to discuss with the Freelancer in details before job milestones are finalized.

How to complement Freelancers work with right internal staff skills? (70% of Jobs completed successfully have had good internal staff backing)

  1. It is always beneficial to employ internal staffs who have both business and technical skills surrounding the ongoing project. This helps to speed up the communications with the Freelancer and also it could mitigate any potential issues that may arise during the course of the project.
  2. By employing an internal staff who has similar skills will encourage the Freelancer to perform well and also enables him to discuss any deep technical matters in detail with the internal staff member.
  3. By employing a skillful internal staff member, could help to avoid any potential fraud that may happen by the Freelancer as staff member could always ask the right questions from the freelancer and also by making the Freelancer aware of the skill of the internal staff member will keep him away from any stealth or fraudulent activities.

What are the benefits you might look for by hiring a Freelancer? (It is all about the benefits of Freelancing Of course!)

  1. Employers can achieve a faster output more effectively via Freelancing
  2. By hiring a Freelancer you can always match the talent with your exact requirement.
  3. You are not bound for any long-term contracts; instead you contract with the Freelancer only for the work needed.
  4. You will always pay for the work done, which makes freelancing a highly economical option to consider.
  5. Other overheads such as office space, Electricity, Transport, Food, Internet and telephone bills can be greatly reduced by employing Freelancers.
  6. Most of labor rules and regulations can be avoided by employing Freelancers.

How to communicate properly with the Freelancers? (There is a 60% correlation between a health Freelancer-Client communication channel and Job success rate)

  1. Make sure you have a pre-prepared set of questions to ask during interview process.
  2. Be polite in your communications.
  3. Avoid arguments.
  4. Be a good listener.
  5. Always ask for further explanations or supporting information when you are in doubt on any project matter. Its always better to clarify thing now than later. It could impact your output.

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