How to correctly Market your Skills via Services or Gigs so that you could easily land on Freelance Jobs

Learn how to correctly Market your Skills via Services or Gigs so that you could easily land on Freelance Jobs

Are you a multi-talented person? Identify your best performing skills and publish them as Gigs (Do a personal SWOT analysis)

  1. Identify the skills you are most comfortable with. Do a pareto analysis on you self. Identify those 20% of your skills that gives 80% of your outputs.
  2. Identify the skills you have the highest level of confidence at. More confident you are in your skills more convincing you can do to your clients.
  3. Identify the skills you can best demonstrate in your work. If you are able to provide quick mock-ups or prototypes that could give you a head start in winning contracts.
  4. Always compare your skills with the competition and also availability of projects.
  5. If you identify any knowledge or experience gaps, always take those extra steps in order to narrow the gaps. Always remember “Knowledge is Power”

How to structure your Freelance services or Gigs? (Your Gigs speak for yourself)

  1. Capitalize on your strengths. Always focus and highlight your strengths when creating your Gigs.
  2. Your Gig or Service has to match your skills. When a client goes through your Gigs your skills have to highlight.
  3. Provide proof of work. Clients always prefer actual work references over simply descriptions.
  4. Be realistic in your deliverables.
  5. Provide multiple price points.
  6. Be realistic on your price points.
  7. Be clear on any pre-requisites from prospective clients.
  8. Avoid any ambiguities for the buyers.
  9. Be prepared to respond for any inquiries as they arise from prospective clients.
  10. Where ever possible provide templates or demos so that prospective clients are clear of your deliverables.
  11. Always follow proven guides on creating perfect freelancing Gigs for your skills (eg:- Create a Perfect Gig for your Digital marketing skills)

How to add key differentiators in to your Freelance Gig? (And standout from the rest)

  1. Depending on the area of your expertise, decide what traits are critical for your success
  2. If your specialty is in areas of creative and art designing such as graphic designing, Video editing, 2D/3D artistry, 3D modeling, Motion graphics, UI/UX optimization always include references to your previous work and templates. Because such samples will help you score over your competitors.
  3. In areas such as Data entry, speed writing, Translators, Script writing, Copy writing, Language specific work, make sure you add scores of accepted skills tests such as words per minute, Plagiarism levels, expertise in Languages (Eg: English, French, Spanish proficiencies) 

How to set the correct packages for your Gigs? (Your deals could make or break with your price points)

  1. Different clients have different requirements and budget levels.
  2. While some clients are highly quality conscious, others are more cost conscious.
  3. Make sure you price your packages such that they address the requirements and Return on Investment targets of as much client groups as possible.

How to properly communicate with prospective clients when they have queries regarding your services? (Your first impression matters the most)

  1. Be timely in your responses.
  2. Be a good listener.
  3. Make sure your address the specific inquiries clients may have.
  4. Avoid arguments.
  5. Do not be emotional in your conversations.
  6. Where ever possible provide proof of work, previous work references or demonstrations.
  7. Try to adapt correct strategies when negotiating your Freelancing Gig with your clients

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