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    November 9, 2021

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About Us

GDA Fund (previously known as Blockchain Partners Holdings) is a six-year-old leading crypto research, financial engineering & technology firm. We are a team of experienced financial engineers, developers, data scientists, passionate blockchain maximalists and talented traders, based out of Sydney. We live and breathe crypto and blockchain 24/7.  

We are true believers of the spirit of crypto and blockchain—the economic freedom, where everyone should have access to financial freedom. Our decentralized trading terminal and quant workflow protocol (ProjectX) is built on Ethereum. The main focus of ProjectX is to introduce institutional-grade data, advanced data science & financial engineering capabilities for web 3.0. The protocol enables quants, data scientists, traders and developers to build, test and deploy advanced quantitative research, on-chain backtesting, trading, cross-chain execution and decentralized financial application development, at scale.

Our most recent milestone —Project L3 Atom (the world's first open crypto data initiative) makes us extremely proud.  We are dedicated to making a difference. All of our R&D and operations are available for the public to verify. 

We believe that decentralised smart systems will play a major role in the global economy, enabling trillions of dollars worth of industries to merge in the coming years. We’re here to create a free and open financial system for the world. We built our company to bring economic freedom to millions — and we’re hiring. 


We are looking for a technical writer who has adept knowledge of blockchain technology, particularly smart contracts. Knowledge of machine learning and cloud technology is…

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