10 Success Tips of Finding Freelance Data Entry Jobs

10 Success Tips of Finding Data Entry Jobs

Interested in getting started with data entry freelancing? Have experience working a standard job and want to develop yourself as a freelancer? There are many platforms online that could be great for beginners, but it’s not always easy to find freelance work online! When there is so much competition between sites, how do you know which ones will work best for you?

Keeping all these things in mind while looking at different websites might lead some people to confusion or stress about where they should begin their search – especially if asking others leads them down multiple paths without really knowing what each site has on offer.

Luckily our team has several years of experience themselves generating clients for Data entry Jobs from various platforms. We have prepared 10 tips to help you find your next client for Data entry work and be successful! Scroll down below to learn more about them now.

10 Guiding tips in successfully finding Data Entry Freelance Jobs

1.    Create an Account on a Freelancing Site (And get started)

There are many freelance websites where you can find data entry freelance work. To begin, create an account on the best ones such as Upwork, Freelancer and Projects2bid and then make a profile that will catch their eye. You need to write a proposal from scratch so it is important to get started as soon as possible!

The first data entry project might be at a lower budget, but after gaining experience over time with positive reviews you’ll have high-budget projects coming in left and right!

2.    Create a Profile on LinkedIn (And get more exposure)

As a professional site for freelancers or job seekers, LinkedIn allows data entry experts to connect with genuine clients. If you have rich experience in this field and post it online, the best employers can get in contact!

While on linkedIn try to reach out and connect with potential clients and even experienced data entry freelancers or companies where you can get valuable experience from.

3.    Open Your Account on Genuine Sites (Study the available sites)

How to find a genuine freelance site for data entry?

To begin with, do extensive research. Ask your friends and even YouTube about the different sites available today. Do not settle on any one website until you are confident it is an accurate representation of what it advertises itself as being – legitimate!

Once settled upon make sure you check out their reviews online before opening up an account there so just in case they’re fraudulent.

4.    Enhance your Typing Speed (Speed matters in data entry)

Typing speed is one of the essential basics of data entry. If you prefer to earn more, you need to have top speed.

The freelancing client seeks high-speed data entry freelancers. To confirm your productivity, they will schedule a speed test. It helps them to make decisions to hire.

Also do a typing speed test on a well-recognized speed testing service and publish your scores along with your profile. It helps you to standout from your competition when clients compare data entry freelancers.

5.    Use Social Media to Find Clients (And use social reviews)

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become quite popular. First, however, you will need to find a data entry community groups and join them. Displaying your skills plays a crucial role to find suitable freelancing clients.

Get connected to people, and they will help you reach out to clients. So, post your data entry experience and previous jobs details. Then, multiple clients will contact you. 

6.    Have the Right Equipment (It affects your output)

Online freelancing is about working from home. So, it would help if you have the necessary equipment for data entry freelance projects. It also depends on the client’s requirements.

It would help if you have a computer with high-speed internet for efficient work. Nowadays, a powerful smart phone is mandatory for calls, texts, meetings and email handling. Microsoft Word is quite vital for data entry freelancing jobs. In times of electricity interruption, a UPS is an essential item for power backups. Also have necessary virus guards to protect your computer.

Make sure you have proper data backup mechanisms preferably on a cloud backup server. Some recognized cloud storage services you can use are:

  • Google cloud storage
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon cloud storage

7.    Create quiet Working place (It helps to concentrate)

In order to efficiently perform data entry freelance work you need to concentrate well. It helps to achieve necessary data entry speeds while maintaining desired accuracy levels. Therefore when setting up your work environment do take into account below considerations:

  • A quiet place with minimal distraction from others
  • Having sufficiently good lighting conditions both during day time and night time
  • Ergonomic seating conditions where you can stay for long hours without feeling tired
  • If you are on wireless internet then a place that has fairly good internet reception

8.    Face the interviews professionally and confidently (Clients wants you to be confident)

In your effort in finding freelance data entry jobs, if you pass all other hurdles then clients will contact you via chat to discuss further regarding the project. During the conversation you need to act professional, confident while being genuine. Below are few critical tips that matters when facing an interview with a client for a data entry task:

  • Be timely in your response (clients need quick replies)
  • Be open in your answers (Do not blindly say “Yes” or “I can” for all questions)
  • Ask questions that demonstrate your knowledge in data entry
  • Be polite and do not argue
  • Be a good listener and gather client’s requirements well
  • Provide supporting facts on what you are promising to offer (eg:- Previous work references or client testimonials)

9.    Provide measures for Data Privacy and Protection (Suggest an NDA)

Most of clients are hesitant to outsource their freelance work due to data privacy concerns. You need to provide enough evidence for a client to trust you when hiring you for a data entry Job. Below are some measures you can take to ensure this:

  • Agree to sign an NDA (Nondisclosure agreement). Provide a template in your project proposal
  • Provide previous client testimonials as references
  • Provide previous client contact details so clients can contact them and inquire about data privacy
  • In the freelancing platform you are in, most probably have clauses addressing data privacy concerns in freelancing work, especially data entry related. Identify those clauses and provide references to the client so can win their confidence.
  • Openly discuss with the client on data privacy concerns he/she may have and ask for what they think is the best measure and try to adjust to it.

10.   Keep a professional Resume ready (And keep it up to date)

The client might ask for a professional resume, although it is an online freelancing platform. If the client has an experienced team, the resume will play a key role in the final decision.

In freelancing platforms, you have a portfolio of previous work, but some clients need resumes for documentation and for formal approvals within client’s organization. Therefore you should have an up to date resume of yours. Below are the main aspects to cover In the resume:

  • A professional photo graph of yours
  • A brief on your personal details
  • Your educational background
  • Your years of experience as a Data entry professional
  • Your previous data entry work references
  • Stats and scores from popular skills tests you have undertaken (Eg:- Typing speed tests)

Make sure that your resume is systematic and appears professional.

Final Words

The data entry freelancing industry is a great way to make money for someone who likes to work from the comfort of your home. It’s not always easy finding the right jobs, but if you’re taking your time and looking in different sites with these 10 tips in mind then it should be much easier! We hope this guide was helpful for in your journey to find best data entry freelance jobs.

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