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  Business details
  Business name:Internet marketing
  Years of experience:12
  Service title:Search Engine Optimization Web Designing Web Development web hosting web optimizing
  Categories of work:Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Sales and Marketing,Web desiging,Website Hosting,Web optimising,Internet Marketing
  Service description:PROFILE SUMMARY: ? Indulged over planning of intensive online promotional campaigns and execute company-wide initiatives thereby driving more and more sales. ? Running affiliate marketing, paid search, banners, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Banner Advertising, Web 2.0 promotions. ? Monitor the content writing and perform unique initiatives which enhance the website experience for consumers. Getting the behavior of online consumer as well. ? Drive online media strategy, media planning/buying and campaign management. ? Analytical review of traffic flow and develop better KPIs and improve the site further for the targeted audience so as to maximize the conversions and ROI. ? Working and coordinating with Developers, Designers and external agencies in order to implement and obtain the best output for the website. ? Monitor and guide the copywriting team concerning the targeted audience. Includes content reviewing / Editing according to the project. ? Experience in building and launching consumer products via the Internet. ? Developing innovative online marketing plans for the enterprise website and building up the strategy for its online promotion over the concerned geographies. ? Ensure consistency of brand image and messaging throughout advertisements, websites, packaging and marketing materials. ? Conduct ongoing market analysis and research of all marketing activities and consumer response ? Creative and innovative thinking to leverage digital channel thereby achieving marketing objectives ? Recommending product enhancements / amendments as per market requirement considering ? market trends, stats and transitions. ? Exceptional management skills in developing and executing sophisticated marketing strategies, tactics, plans and execution. ? Highly resourceful and Independent, not dependent on large corporate staff or decisions from others. ? Highly skilled over manipulating Business and Competitive Intelligence. (Manipulating & mining ? Compete, Hit wise and Comscore data) ? Have passion for the Internet industry and a burning desire for success. ? Well aware of the Internet Advertising models including ? CPC, CPM & CPA etc. ? Ability to transfer any online venture into brand and thereby making a real business model for the same, also acting as Product Manger for the brand and making it successful across the globe. ? Comprehensive knowledge of Vertical Market and Horizontal Market for online world. ? Creating brand awareness via various online marketing channels including SEO, PPC, Affiliate, SMO, Banners etc. ? Creating & implementing innovative ideas for online ventures. ? Willingness to do thing differently for online ventures. ? Extensive knowledge of Web from Design-Program-Market point of view. ? Pioneer in both Inorganic and Organic web promotion activities. ? Specialized in both Search Engine Optimization and Landing Page Optimization. ? Able to Synchronize Rankings-Traffic-Sales for SEO campaigns. ? Able to Synchronize Activity-Traffic-Sales for the SMO campaigns. ? Idea about Behavioral targeting (Value media, Tacoda) ? Fine idea about online Global Ad Markets. ? Thorough understanding of marketing for mobile complaint websites. Active member and reader of several Blogs and forums including,,,,,,,, etc. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? ? Analyzing website traffic and rendering well-defined technical, design, content, optimization strategies for best search engine placements. ? Plan SEO website assessments and provide recommendations as layman to team (Designers, Developers, Content writers, SEO?s and Link builders) thereby leading to more and fruitful results. ? Keenly planning, reviewing and managing all on page and off page optimization factors including page titles, meta tags, alt tags, content, etc. ? Expertise over several SEO tactics like Keyword proximity, Keyword prominence, Keyword stemming, Keyword dilution ? Working with advanced and vast marketing and technology teams and coordinating them with a view to Maximize organic listing without affecting the user friendly or the programming structure. ? Working with 3rd-party software or other internal tracking tools to find and benchmark high-value key phrases. ? Continuously analyzing and monitoring trends in search engine industry and updating myself on regular basis in order to cope with the latest trends and techniques. ? Working with web designers and researching the market trends to create landing pages for more conversions. ? Major keyword research methodologies ? PPC wise / Word Tracker / Google trends ? Link building methodologies (Reciprocal/One way/Three way). ? Creating of customized XML sitemaps (both light and for robust websites). ? Off-page and On-page optimization factors (focusing Google, Yahoo & Live search engines). ? Creation of customized robots.txt, sitemap.xml, urllist.txt, 404 pages ? Dynamic URL Rewriting techniques and its implementations with developers. (for SEO of dynamic sites) ? Optimizing flash websites for indexing and rankings. ? Directories Submission concept and managing business leads (Global / Regional / Trade) ? Full understanding of search engine algorithm / Page rank concept. ? Through follower of all White Hat and ethical Techniques of SEO (mainly Bruce Clay). ? SEO for Ajax Based Site. (Using query etc.) ? Understanding of Web 2.0 technologies including Ajax. ? Utilization of 3rd party software Web Position Gold, Web CEO & IBP Axandra software for SEO Campaigns. Also accompanied various online SEO tools (Both paid and free) PPC (Pay Per Click) ? ? Direct pay per click management experience with prime search engines including Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Ad Center and other 2nd tier search engines too like 7search, Roar, MIVA etc. ? Extensive keyword research and manipulating them for exact, phrase, broad matches according to the industry vertical and trend. ? Creating a logical account structure incorporating keywords, ad-copy etc. along with the requisite budget for the campaigns. ? Writing and testing ads as per industrial requirements and focus on targeted audience. ? Optimizing landing pages with Ad-copy for high conversion rates. ? Regular Bid Management in order to attain an optimal cost per conversion. ? Daily / weekly reports and mapping the results with the KPI?s (Key performance indicators) and monitor the expenditure and ROI. ? Keep up to date with latest technology and trends happening in the PPC world. ? Managing MCC Accounts for Google Ad words. ? Analysis for Targeted ROI for all Ads spends on a daily basis and monitor the necessary tracking. ? Monitoring and increasing the ROI and conversion rate for the Ads. ? PPC ads theme variation for MVT (Multi Variant Testing) in order to check the overall progress of the ad copy(s) ? Complete understanding of Google Website Optimizer and its usage for A/B Testing. ? Passed and re-appearing for Google Ad words Professional Exam (Individual) SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ? ? Planning and initiating the social media marketing campaigns on rigors scale considering the industry verticals and the targeted audience with a view to create brand awareness. ? Manage and review the efforts from ground level for social media outlets such as: blogging, discussion message boards, social network portals, video networks, etc. ? Developing integrated social media marketing plans and analyze results for the effectiveness of the targeted campaigns minutely. ? Checkup with the generation of new media marketing programs in the industry, which could be initiated in the project for better results. ? Manage several social networking communities over various social network giants including Myspace, Face book, Twitter, Friendster, Bebo etc. ? Serve as a corporate spokesperson through the use of social media, including blogs, Face book, Twitter etc. Also done Online Branding and Viral Marketing via social media optimization.] ? Planning and implementing the social book marking campaigns via blogs, RSS etc. ? Teaming with other staff members who drive consumer and social media, technology leadership and product PR strategy worldwide, as well as help manage the PR agency on social media projects. ? RSS Feeds (Creation/Submissions/Syndication/Marketing). ? Blogs (Creation/Submissions/Syndication/Marketing). ? Creating and promoting communities over face book, my space for online ventures and social book marking campaigns too. ? Specialized in management and optimization of Blogger and Word press Blogs and initiate the professional Blogging. VIRAL MARKETING ? ? Worked with the senior leadership team to develop strategic, company-wide viral marketing and media plans that can be implemented at both global and regional level. ? Ensure that regional and local interests are taken into account as plans are developed for the viral marketing campaign. ? Develop innovative and exciting viral and local marketing toolkits that can be easily and quickly executed among multiple markets and regions. ? Seek and research out viral marketing opportunities, sponsorships and events that can be executed across multiple regions or the entire company and once approved, develop plans and toolkits for their executions. ? Assisting team with development of monthly or quarterly field viral marketing plans. ? Track, read and respond corporate marketing initiatives to determine positive and negative impact on specific regions, markets and groups of markets. ? Creating and maintaining proper circulation of viral material for online businesses in the form of e-books, e-zines, newsletters, press releases, viral videos, viral articles and submitting to social Book marking sites like digg, reddit etc. in order to generate relevant traffic besides search engines. ECOMMERCE ? ? Maintaining the optimization of customer purchase & checkout experience on transaction. ? Create guided navigation and shopping comparison experience for more conversions and customer retentivity. ? Manage promotional email campaigns for the product(s) and tracking their overall performance via tools. ? Making strategies for finding new customers, converting leads, cross-selling products across the target market and delivering best customer support. ? Manage analytics and sales tracking for better ROI. ? Managing almost all functions associated with the e-commerce site including web design, web development, SEO, PPC, email marketing, pricing and payment modules with a view to become the market leader. ? Developing customer support policies and checking the procedures to ensure consistent and outstanding user experiences. ? Tracking statistics, analyzing market trends and compiling the report pertaining to company services and use this data for cross-functionally in order to enhance online offerings to customers. ? Develop and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction metrics. ? Create and maintain online / offline brand awareness and recognition programs to meet overall business objectives. WEB ANALYTICS ? ? Extensive experience in the interactive marketing industry including demonstrable Web Analytics experience. ? Familiarity with leading Metric vendors- especially Omniture, Index Tool and Google Analytics Especially. ? Sound knowledge of tracking solutions for technologies incorporating Flash, AJAX, Videos etc. ? Able to monitor the website traffic data with ad serving portals and mapping the appropriate Ads with its associated campaigns. ? Creating and running web analytics reports using various online tools of web analytics. ? Creating enhanced and manipulating reports in Excel with external queries. ? Coordinating with teams in giant web analytics projects utilizing data-mining techniques. ? Well experienced in updating & de-bugging sophisticated JavaScript tags and functions mainly with respect to Google Analytics. ? Build, manage and lead team of Web Analysts in order to develop advanced analytical solutions and Formulate insights across Internet / website properties. ? Create the best practices and approach for reviewing user behavior on the web including data gathering and analyzing and identify key performance indicators, understand online traffic patterns, segment customer behaviors and prioritizing website issues thereby resulting in improved web site performance. ? Defining key metrics with a view to measure overall website performance, construct tracking dashboards and maintaining general reporting structure. ? Connecting and establishing web behaviors to customers to generate holistic understanding of on-line Customer value. For E.g. the abandonment of shopping carts. ? Optimizing the cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to support real-time targeting. ? Google Analytics (Monitoring Traffic, Conversion Rates, Goals Configuration, Ecommerce Tracking, Site Search Tracking etc.) ? Alexa Traffic report (Checking the competitor?s traffic details etc.) ? AW Stats / Webalizer (Log reports and crawler visiting status etc.) ? Feed burner Stats analysis (For RSS/Atom subscribers of Feed) ? Web trends (Monitoring Traffic and Click tracking as well as Log Analysis) ? Thorough understanding of Web Analytics 2.0 & 3.0 ? A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Website optimizer etc. ? Manipulation of website via analyzing its log data and change in design structure along with SEO/SEM implementations for better ROI and conversions. AFFILIATE MARKETING ? ? Manage and monitor traffic flow to various areas within the Heavy Network daily to optimally satisfy all advertiser campaigns: Optimizing in-flow of traffic and reallocating according to performance. ? Provide and manage each affiliate with a point of contact for all technical issues. ? Creatively minimize discrepancies between Heavy and affiliate reporting systems. ? Monitor affiliate campaigns daily to ensure delivery. ? Overview the affiliate programs to increase more affiliates sign ups and increase revenue from existing affiliates through new or revised programs ? also including is the negotiation with new affiliate partners regarding revenue sharing models. ? Working to manage the ongoing acquisition programs with a view to improve conversions. ? Co-ordinating with product marketing team, product management team, creative services and web development team in order to implement more successful and profitable affiliate programs. ? Monitoring and evaluate the performance of several affiliate marketing programs and channels. ? Ability to work both as merchant as well as affiliate and potential to convince the affiliate about the merchant services and vice-versa. ? Run giant level of affiliate networks like Affiliate Future, Commission Junction, Google Adsense, Kontora Ads, Shopzilla etc. INTERNET ADVERTISING / ONLINE MEDIA ? ? Research, evaluate and execute various new and innovative online media opportunities for both advertisers and publishers. ? Plan the budget as per product requirements and research the industry vertical before initiating or investing over online media buying / selling. ? Maintain relationships with online media publishers, advertisers and partners. ? Research, review and negotiate with media buyers / sellers regarding - rates, placements, parameters, for the campaigns. ? Elementary idea about the behavioral targeting. ? Coordinating with sales team for creative development and execution to support the online media effort including ? Ad copy, graphics & tracking of the campaigns. ? Monitor the tracking, channel delivery and Ad performance on an ongoing basis. ? Optimize online media buys deals, negotiate rates, cancel or renew the contracts as per performance and always in ongoing process for finding new ventures too. ? Manipulating the ads network and exploring the new venues of marketing. ? Work with several ad networks like ? Tribal Fusion, 247 Real Media, Komli, Tyro, etc. for online media buying for several online enterprises / portals. ? Providing consultancy / solutions / Management to online businesses mainly portals (Ecommerce & Web 2.0) to become successful online entrepreneurs. EMAIL MARKETING ? ? Plan, build and implement weekly customer email campaigns. ? Worked with sophisticated email marketing module and software like Elite Email, Email Unlimited etc. (But not for spamming, campaigns targeting only the subscribers) ? Working with content writers to write catchy email content with a focus on creative messages that deliver high response rates. ? Gather and analyze email campaign metrics; make recommendations for targeting and testing in future campaigns. ? Plan, execute and monitor the email scheduling for the subscribers on 24X7X365 basis. ? Plan and coordinate email projects, such as new email lists and new custom publishing systems. ? Work collaboratively with other marketing team members and our email service provider for giant email marketing campaigns. ? Build relationships with partners for generating relevant special offers and promotions for use in targeted Messaging. ? Maintain an advanced form library of informational, destination and entertainment content for emails. ? Monitor and plan for evolving technology and trends. ? Monitor and report on competitor and other best of breed email programs. MOBILE WEB MARKETING ? ? Gross knowledge of Mobile Web SEO guidelines and techniques to market across mobile search engines and ad networks (preferably. mobi version) ? Mobile analytics overview usage of mobilytics, Bango, Google Analytics (only for smart phones) etc. ? Extensive idea about Mobile Advertising networks ? mGoogle, mYahoo, Deck trade, Ad Mob etc. ? Basic knowledge of how to promote value added services for mobile compliant sites. For eg. Web 2.0 communities or promoting a gaming application for a mobile service provider.
  Payment details
  Average hourly rate (US$/hour):10  Preferred payment type(s):escrow
  Other payment types:paypal, credit card , email
  Payment terms:ReferenceEventCode the event with reference to which terms are offered, expressed as a code SettlementDiscountPercent the percentage discount to be applied PenaltySurchargePercent the percentage surcharge to be applied Amount a fixed monetary amount to be added to or deducted from the Invoice for the stated terms SettlementPeriod an association to Period PenaltyPeriod an association to Period
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