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  Business details
  Business name:IntelBrain Software Systems
  Years of experience:25
  Service title:Software Development on order [great variety of software programming languages authoring - mostly .NET Framework 2 & 3.5 on Visual Studio 2005 and back-end SQL Sever 2005 database] Project Management Systems Programming Web developing and SEO Optimisation Co-operation with other IT companies
  Categories of work:Animations,Application Programming,Data entry,Database programming,Ecommerce website,Internet Marketing,Logo design,Marketing / Promotion,Management and Finance,Network Administration,Presentations,Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Training and Development,Web desiging,Web optimising,3D modeling
  Service description:IntelBrain is a new vigorously developing Informatics company, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It accumulates, on its owner and Managing Director, Panagiotis Milonas, a multiple-year, professional experience in numerous Information Science fields and sectors, primarily abroad, in a number of European countries and even other continents, and in Greece. IntelBrain primarily comprises a Software House and High Technology and Information Science Systems company. Its main target is to cover the others Informatics companies? gaps in non-computerised / unimplemented sectors, or in sectors where the applications are too few, as well as commercial / operational areas in which the rest of the companies are not adequately servicing, up to a degree proportional to the one that our co-operation & support principles, on a continuous & close basis with the customers. ? OUR PHILOSOPHY INTELBRAIN has as its primary feature, the severalty. It has a very different approach towards the Information Science areas rather the rest of Informatics Companies in Information Science Professional Services provision, its principles include its rare perception of responsibility and fidelity ? based on Western attitude, and not the Greek. It gets off the narrow Greek frontiers of the Greek actuality. It is aiming farer and higher. Fundamental principles which governs us are:  uniqueness,  credibility  robustness,  fidelity,  unique quality,  respect and responsibility towards the customer,  services towards the customer which are in excess of our fee, assurance of all provided services,  flexibility,  innovation,  speed,  coverage - support,  forehandedness and foresightness,  visioning We do underline that all the above principles are neither marketing not advertising. They govern us and unconditionally characterise us (!) INTELBRAIN does not wish to duplicate anyone. It does not have any necessity. It is intending to innovate. To Innovate, to pioneer and to ?lead?. INTELBRAIN is tremendously ambitious. It lays high targets and it achieves them. The people that are working in INTELBRAIN have always done that, this is what they were doing, continue to do and will be continuing to do. It is difficult, to locate in our products, similar, or akin products that exist and are provided by other competitors. Even at products that can be met at other competitors, the principles that rule us, differentiate them, opposed to others ? we remind you that we do not possess the ordinary Greek professional attitude and the Greek mentality. We are struggling to maintain the maximum quality in the materials and services that we are providing, along with the New Order ?, in the hard financial times that we are living.
  Payment details
  Average hourly rate (US$/hour):50  Preferred payment type(s):escrow
  Other payment types:Bank Transfer Order
  Payment terms:not specified
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