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Project Budget range (US$) Avg bid (US$) Post date (EST) Time left No of bids
Name: Email Marketing  ID: 1675
Project status: other
Categories: Internet Marketing,Sales and Marketing,Email Design
Description: Hi I am looking for RENTING EMAIL SERVER for my Bulk Email Marketing campaign for almost 600, 000 S...
Details  Bid  Contact
150 140.00 25th Jul 2013
(22h 31m 20s)
(Ended:15th Aug 2013)
Name: uday  ID: 1632
Project status: partially completed
Categories: Database programming,Ecommerce website,Email Design,Enterprise Resource Planning,Sales and Marketing...
Technologies: .NET,Java,j2ee,Visual Basic,C,C++,JSP,ASP,ASP.NET,PHP,CGI,Perl,Javascript,ActiveX,VBscript,HTML,XHTM...
Description: Looking for software projects to develop. And we are looking for partners and clients who have outso...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- n/a 29th Sep 2012
(00h 45m 59s)
(Ended:29th Sep 2012)
Name: Smartcity  ID: 1564
Project status: other
Categories: Application Programming,Data entry,Database programming,Ecommerce website,Email Design,Logo design,M...
Technologies: .NET,Java,j2ee,Visual Basic,C,C++,C#,JSP,ASP.NET,PHP,Javascript,HTML,XHTML,Ajax,Apache,IIS,Tomcat,My...
Details  Bid  Contact
200 n/a 20th Mar 2012
(03h 40m 19s)
(Ended:30th Apr 2012)
Name: software development & BPO  ID: 1536
Project status: partially completed
Categories: Application Programming,Data entry,Email Design,Game programming,Internet Marketing,Logo design,Sear...
Technologies: .NET,Java,Visual Basic,C,C++,JSP,ASP,PHP,Javascript,VBscript,HTML,SEO,Tomcat,MS SQL,MS Access,Oracle...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- n/a 24th Jan 2012
(13h 29m 53s)
(Ended:01st Feb 2012)
Name: farhan khan  ID: 1493
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Administrative Support,Animations,Application Programming,Audio, Video and Multimedia,CAD/CAM,Data e...
Technologies: .NET,Java,Visual Basic,C,C++,Carbon (Mac OS),Cocoa/Obj-C,CMS,JSP,ASP,ASP.NET,PHP,CGI,Javascript,Acti...
Description: Highly organized and detail-focused with an exceptional track record of accurately handling financia...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- 1,053.50 29th Oct 2011
(20h 49m 13s)
(Ended:30th May 2012)
Name: website construction  ID: 1371
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Ecommerce website,Architecture and Engineering,Audio, Video and Multimedia,Data entry,Database progr...
Technologies: ,i have no knowledge of all this
Description: Starting a website. You can go look at to see kinda what I want. Need the fo...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- 2,500.00 05th Jan 2011
(12h 14m 16s)
(Ended:01st Feb 2011)
Name: Philip Thomas  ID: 1300
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Application Programming,Database programming,Ecommerce website,Email Design,Graphics designing,Logo ...
Technologies: .NET,Java,Python,C#,CMS,ASP,ASP.NET,PHP,CGI,Javascript,ActiveX,VBscript,HTML,XHTML,XSL,WAP,flash,Aja...
Description:  Company Profile Sharp Vision Technologies has been incorporated in the year 2007 in India by a ...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- n/a 19th Jun 2010
(09h 20m 08s)
(Ended:19th Jun 2010)
Name: Tele Sales Marketing UK  ID: 1286
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Animations,Application Programming,Ecommerce website,Email Design,Graphics designing,Internet Market...
Description: Company is origin in UK, Scotland. Telesales+ Marketing. Company wants minimum of 3-5 sales per wee...
Details  Bid  Contact
0 10.00 22nd May 2010
(07h 20m 08s)

-not specified-
Name: need ebay trusted sellers - ebay job  ID: 1160
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Administrative Support,Animations,Application Programming,Architecture and Engineering,Audio, Video ...
Technologies: Java,ActiveX,HTML,Windows
Description: Our company is looking for experienced ebay sellers (1 or more as long as they are qualified) with N...
Details  Bid  Contact
2,000 1,600.00 19th Mar 2009
(14h 44m 15s)
(Ended:19th May 2009)
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