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Animations (8)
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Wireless programming (11)
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Writing (26)
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Project Budget range (US$) Avg bid (US$) Post date (EST) Time left No of bids
Name: content writing  ID: 1331
Project status: other
Categories: Writing
Description: hi. i am looking for freelancers who are interested in writing for my company. i will be paying you ...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- n/a 15th Sep 2010
(03h 38m 50s)
(Ended:30th Dec 2011)
Name: Expense Tracking  ID: 1333
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Database programming,Data entry,Management and Finance
Technologies: PHP,MySQL
Description: Ultimately I need to have a better way of getting my reciepts and bills into my quickbooks software ...
Details  Bid  Contact
300 400.00 21st Sep 2010
(19h 01m 31s)
(Ended:30th Sep 2010)
Name: Turn Monster template 25550 into a web site  ID: 1334
Project status: partially completed
Categories: Web desiging
Description: I have a simple site template (purchased from Template Monster : Website template 25550) that needs ...
Details  Bid  Contact
350 n/a 24th Sep 2010
(00h 02m 31s)
(Ended:10th Oct 2010)
Name: Telecom form filling project  ID: 1339
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Data entry
Description: Telecom form filling project
Details  Bid  Contact
3,000 n/a 14th Oct 2010
(04h 27m 42s)
(Ended:25th Dec 2010)
Name: Web Application  ID: 1343
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Web desiging
Technologies: .NET,Visual Basic,ASP.NET,Ajax,CSS,MySQL,Windows
Description: Need an application (VB and PHP). Application should have Master Page an CSS file. I w...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- 1,500.00 15th Oct 2010
(15h 37m 41s)
(Ended:25th Oct 2010)
Name: Need Marketers   ID: 1345
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Internet Marketing,Marketing / Promotion,Market Research,Sales and Marketing,Search Engine Optimizat...
Description: Hi i am looking for some people to help me with my marketing! I like bulk marketing best but if you ...
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- n/a 20th Oct 2010
(14h 07m 21s)
(Ended:18th Aug 2019)
Name: C# program to get and display ATSC/QAM signals from ATSC USB stick under a windows - 7   ID: 1346
Project status: partially completed
Categories: Audio, Video and Multimedia
Technologies: .NET,C#,ActiveX,Windows
Description: In our multimedia playback application, we need to write codes in C# to get ATSC Cable signal and pl...
Details  Bid  Contact
300 n/a 21st Oct 2010
(10h 19m 19s)
(Ended:23rd Oct 2010)
Name: Blog Writers  ID: 1348
Project status: other
Categories: Ecommerce website,Internet Marketing,Marketing / Promotion,Sales and Marketing,Writing and Translati...
Description: Hello, We are looking for writers for our College Diploma website. You will need to create short...
Details  Bid  Contact
2,000 n/a 26th Oct 2010
(19h 52m 18s)
(Ended:01st Dec 2010)
Name: Wanted : Web-Designer  ID: 1350
Project status: yet to start
Categories: Web desiging,Web optimising,Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Graphics designing
Technologies: PHP,CGI,Perl,Javascript,HTML,flash,SEO,MySQL
Description: Please see attached RFQ.
Details  Bid  Contact
-not sure- n/a 31st Oct 2010
(20h 16m 22s)
(Ended:14th Nov 2010)
Name: US PROCESS  ID: 1351
Project status: other
Categories: Administrative Support,Marketing / Promotion,Sales and Marketing,Other
Technologies: Windows
Description: Hello, Are you interested to diversify into the Technical Process?? Our Organization, Sunchase...
Details  Bid  Contact
1,500 1,300.00 02nd Nov 2010
(15h 17m 43s)
(Ended:30th Nov 2010)
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